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We Do More Than Just Run Fast…


We may not catch all that is going on (we barely catch the finish times at the races…) but once in a while we stumble across something to celebrate that isn’t measured in meters or minutes.

Congratulations to Jocelyn Hii who was named one of just two National Merit Scholar finalists from GHS.

Congratulations to Richard Johnson and Zach Ryan on attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

The Wait is Over – Mt SAC is HERE!!!

logoThis is it.  The self-proclaimed (and, so far as I know, undisputed) world’s largest cross country invitational.  You haven’t raced XC until you’ve raced Mt  SAC.

For the first time EVER, both the boys and the girls have been accepted to the TEAM SWEEPSTAKES races.  And in a new policy that allows D2 teams to race in the morning session with their sweeps teams, our D2 Tartans will race against D1 teams.  This is cool, because the temps will be cooler and the competition will motivate our athletes to run their best.

If you’re not at this meet on Saturday, you’re missing out.  In fact, you can’t really call yourself a fan unless you cleared your calendar the day the schedule was first posted.

Almost everything you need to know can be found HERE.

If it’s not there, you have to ask yourself, “Do I REALLY need to know that?”  And if you REALLY think you do, use THIS.



UPDATE: Click on RACE DAY RESULTS for, well, race day results (hint, you’ll have to scroll down just a bit).

League Meet #2 – The Results

recordsRECORDS!  We have records.

It’s a pun.  Your parents can explain it to you.

The Tartans took on Baseline League foes Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, Etiwanda, Los Osos and Upland last Wednesday at Glen Helen Regional Park.  For the last few years, this has been our FIRST league meet location.  Since Glen Helen showed up later on our race calendar, the weather was much cooler and we are in better shape at this point.  And our times showed as much (hence, the records).


Varsity Girls

  • Team took first place by 19 points over Rancho Cucamonga (27-46)
  • Team time was the best in GHS history (all three years of it at this course) by over four minutes
  • Top Ten finishes by Emily Hoey (3), Cori Harral (4), Chloe Arriaga (5), Alyssa Perez (6), and Tori Whitworth (9)


Varsity Boys

  • Team took first with 27 points (7 points better than the first league meet), beating Etiwanda (57, same as last meet) and Rancho Cucamonga (59, also same as last meet)
  • Team improved its mark by nearly three minutes
  • Jeff Kirwin won the race
  • Top Tens (other than Jeff) for Parker Seale (3), Sam Johnny (5) and Damon Payne (7)


JV Girls

  • Team won the race with just 24 points, besting RCHS (45) and Los Osos (87)
  • Top 20 (because it’s a bigger field) finishes from Kayla McGarrell (2), Danielle York (3), Savannah Yi (5), Lauren Kuehfuss (6), Sofi Rodriguez (8), Kathryn Cisneros (9), Madison Ko (11), Emily DuPont (12),  and Rebecca Ruiz (15)


JV Boys

  • Team placed 3rd behind RCHS and Etiwanda (32, 37, 83)
  • Bradford Kidd (12), Josh Jackson (15), Gregor Derstepanian (16), Matt Joy (19) score Top 20 finishes


All Time Top Ten

  • Jeff Kirwin (1) continues to rewrite the GHS XC record books by taking over the top spot and is joined by Parker Seale (2), Sam Johnny (3), Damon Payne(5), Oliver Kashyap (6) and Mike Duke (8)
  • Emily Hoey (1), Cori Harral (2), Chloe Arriaga (3) and Alyssa Perez (4) become the first four Glendora girls to break 19 minutes at this course; also on the  ATTT are Tori Whitworth (6), Kayla McGarrell (9) and Danielle York (10)


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Significant Time Improvements

Over 1:00 improvement – Chloe Arriaga, Kayla McGarrell, Sofi Rodriguez, Madison Ko, Parker Seale, Gregor Derstepanian, Richard Johnson, Josh Bowman, Carlos Torres

Over 2:00 improvement – Alyssa Perez, Emily Dupont, Watts Waddington, Elijah Kouyoumdjian

And then there are SEVERAL times that defy generalization: Michael Hernandez (4:15), Katrina Reynolds (5:21), Ryan Ferguson (6:13), Sydney Carlson (6:25), Julie Miller (6:27), Kathryn Cisneros (7:54) and Nicole Fuentes (9:16) – Un. Be. Leivable.


Athletes of the Meet

Sam Johnny – Should we call him Mr. Reliable of Mr. Hard Work?  Would either of those two be enough?  Sam gets lots of respect (and some mad props) for what he has accomplished this season.

Savannah Yi – If you were lucky enough to see her race, you saw a great example of testing your ability.  She gives her all in every race and is getting better every time.

Clovis 2013 – The Results

Clovis SFEarly success is nice, it gives us a warm feeling and puts a smile on our face.  But what matters most in cross country racing is how you perform at the end (the VERY end) of the season.  Well, the Clovis Invitational is the beginning of the end.  It serves as a preview to the State Championships and opens the gates to Mt SAC.  If you don’t yet know what that means, check back frequently; you’re in for a treat.   But back to Clovis.  This is our first chance to run with/against the best teams in the state.  And based on what we saw last weekend, it won’ t be our last.


Race Highlights


Boys Varsity (runners 8-14)

  • Placed 30th of 31 teams (racing against larger D1 schools, just so you know)


Girls Varsity (runners 8-13)

  • Placed 25th of 28 teams (again, in D1)


Boys Champs (Top 7)

  • Placed 7th of 23 teams
  • Jeff Kirwin (7) and Parker Seale (44) landed top 50 spots


Girls Champs (Top 7)

  • Placed 10th of 24 teams
  • Alyssa Perez (42) scored a top 50


Combined Scoring

Combined scoring is that thing, where they take all the times and combine them into simulated results as if ALL the athletes ran in one GINORMOUS race (separated by gender, of course)

  • Boys placed 6th of 146 teams
  • Jeff Kirwin placed 7th of 1,835 athletes and was the fastest 11th grader on the day
  • Boys put 5 athletes in the top 5%, 9 in the top 10% and all of our boys finished in the top 11%
  • Girls placed 8th of 135 teams
  • Girls put 4 athletes in the top 5%, 12 in the top 10% and (not to be outdone), placed all athletes in the top 11%
  • Roll that little wheel on your mouse back up the screen and read those last five bullet points again… this is kind of a big deal
  • No really, read them again!


All Time Top Ten

  • Jeff Kirwin (1) improves his position and Parker Seale (7) debuts on the ATTT
  • Alyssa Perez (4) and Taylor Butler (9) join the ATTT
  • Emily Hoey (5) and Cori Harral (6) both improve their ATTT times


Athletes of the Meet

This week’s AoMs both had breakthrough races, indicating even better races to come in the next few weeks.

  • Cori Harral took her race out very hard and helped pull her team to a great overall performance
  • Mike Duke is rounding into form and looking to make this team more than a contender in November


Although this is not Cori and Mike, they do look very similar when tying their shoes side by side.

Although this is not Cori and Mike, they do look very similar when tying their shoes side by side.



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Significant time improvements:

Over 20 second improvement - Emily Hoey, Cori Harral, Taylor Butler, Jeff Kirwin, Sam Johnny, Damon Payne

Over 40 second improvement - Chloe Arriaga, Parker Seale

Over 60 second improvement -Alyssa Perez (a whopping 1:06, actually), Girls Champs Team (an slightly whoppinger 1:31 over last year)

Clovis Invitational – Meet Preview

This meet is important because it is contested over the same course as the State Championships.  This year, the boys teams will race in the Championship Race and the girls in the Varsity race.

The race day flyer, including course map and ATTT, is HERE.  We expect that results will be posted live at but can’t confirm that yet, another option might be HERE – look for updates so that you can cheer for us from So Cal.

Bell-Jeff Invite – Results

It was our first time racing at this course.  The day started warm and got warmer.  The course started hilly and dusty and stayed that way (although it probably felt like it got hillier and dustier).

But there were highlights.  For one, I got to meet Molly Huddle.



Varsity Boys

  • Bradford Kidd took home a medal for placing 36th overall.


JV Girls

  • Kayla McGarrell placed first overall, winning by 0:51


Open Race

  • Daisy Rodgriuez, Sofi’s sister who is 10 years old, ran 25:20
  • Mr Rodriguez, Sofi’s dad who is older than 10 (and older than me), ran 21:02


All Time Top Ten

  • Since this is the first time we have raced here (so far as we know) the Top Ten is the same as the results


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Athletes of the Meet

Congratulations to…


Girl AoM – Kayla McGarrell for a tremendous effort – not only winning her race, but doing so as a solo effort from the front. KM And, a special shout out to Kayla for writing the cover story about Coach Don Sumner in the current issue of the Tartan Shield!


Honorable Mention to Aly Ferguson, who exemplifies toughness and has a never quit/always positive attitude.




MHBoy AoM – Michael Hernandez, who always seems to have fun (I mean, look how cool he is even at a course like Griffith Park) and always works hard.


Molly Huddle

Although we’ve not run here in quite some time, and we believe only once, this will be the 40th edition of the Bellarmine Griffith Park Cross Country Invitational meet, the most senior continuous event in Griffith Park.  About 3,000 runners are expected to compete in 17 races on Saturday.  The start/finish area is just north of the historic Greek Theatre, Southern California’s best concert venue (by far).

And as a special treat, Molly Huddle, current US 5k champ and US women’s record holder at 5000 (14:44.76) will sign autographs at the start/finish area around 9:00 am.  Huddle has competed three times at the world track and field championships and was the first American finisher at the 2013 Moscow championships.   Molly will also give away an autographed pair of spikes.

The Varsity 7 who competed at Woodbridge will not be racing at this meet (unless Coach Steve told you differently); everyone else lines up according to the schedule listed in the meet flyer.  Which also has directions and everything else you need to know.

League Meet #1 – Results

Number 1Usually, our first league meet is at Glen Helen Regional Park.  And usually our first league meet feels like we’re running on the sun.  Usually, of course, means the last three seasons, which is as long as this writer has been around.  This season, we ran at Red Hill Park and the temps were mild.  And it was a good day.  A very good day.  As the ladies above are indicating, we had six, yes six, number ones to celebrate.


Varsity Girls

  • Team took first place (that’s one) by 34 points over Rancho Cucamonga (26-60)
  • Top Ten finishes by Alyssa Perez (2), Chloe Arriaga (4), Cori Harral (5), Emily Hoey (7), Megan Trono (8) and Taylor Butler (9)


Varsity Boys

  • Team took first (there’s two) with 34 points, beating Etiwanda (57) and Rancho Cucamonga (59)
  • Jeff Kirwin won the race (and three)
  • Top Tens by Parker Seale (4), Sam Johnny (7) and Damon Payne (9)


JV Girls

  • Team won the race (four) with just 21 points, besting RCHS (52) and Los Osos (78)
  • Lauren Kuehfuss placed first (now five), reluctantly clipping Madison Ko (2) at the line
  • Top 20 (because it’s a bigger field) finishes from Sofi Rodriguez (5), Kayla McGarrell (6), Taylor Leech (7), Kathryn Cisneros (9), Emily DuPont (15),  Savannah Yi (19) and Rebecca Ruiz (20)


JV Boys

  • Team placed 4th (although the official results don’t show it that way due to an error that omitted our first finisher, fifth overall, from the scoring), just 3 points out of second place but behind a dominant RC team
  • Marcos Perez (5), Matt Joy (12) and Erik Segura (14) score Top 20 finishes


All Time Top Ten

  • Jeff Kirwin (1) takes over the top spot (I told you there were six), and is joined by Parker Seale (5)
  • Alyssa Perez (2) becomes the third Glendora girl to break 19 minutes at this course; and entering the ATTT is Chloe Arriaga (5)


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Significant Time Improvements

Please not that we ran this race three weeks (or so) earlier in the season than in years past, which makes it harder to PR.  For this reason, we are reminding all runners to be mindful of this fact when comparing times to last season and acknowledging improvements of 30 seconds or better for this meet

Over 0:30 improvement – Alyssa Perez, Katrina Reynolds, Parker Seale, Richard Johnson, Gregor Derstepanian, Erik Segura

Over 1:00 improvement - Sydney CarlsonNicole FuentesWatts Waddington (who, let’s face it, also has the best name on the team), Michael HernandezMatt Joy

Over 2:00 improvement - Kathryn Cisneros


Athletes of the Meet

This week’s AoM’s are awarded for continued hard work leading to significant time improvements on the Red Hill Park course:

Congratulations to Matt Joy (he’s the one on the left in the picture at the right),Joy whose 1:38 improvement over 2012 led the boys;






Cisnerosand Kathryn Cisneros, who led the entire team by topping last year’s time by 2:33


Maybe it’s because the last three years have been CRAZY hot at Glen Helen, but for some reason, the league has flip-flopped the meet locations this year.  So we’ll run at Red Hill first, then head to Glen Helen next month.  No worries, though.  We’ve raced both and we’re ready.

If you’re new to our team, it’s important to know that GHS is a Division 2 school racing in a pretty competitive league against all D1 schools.  It’s also important to know how and when to get to the meet so that you can cheer us on.  To do that, click HERE.


Oh, and in case you’re not Facebook friends with Coach Ben, check out the latest rankings.  Boys moved up and the Girls debuted – but you’ll have to follow the link to get the details.


See you at Red Hill Park.