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The Fundraising Page

The XC Boosters have launched a major fundraiser to help raise funds to support the ongoing Cross Country program.  Fortunately, this is NOT the typical type of fundraisers we are all familiar with, such as candy drives, car washes, etc.  We believe you will find this fundraiser to be a practical, non-nonsense way to help raise funds.  My wife, Frances, and I will be helping lead the effort.


The XC Boosters have partnered with the ACN Affinity Fundraising Program.  Via this program, we all have the opportunity to transfer our communication and other home essential services to ACN. You’ll receive the same services you use today, and The Glendora XC Boosters will receive a direct financial contribution, as high as 8% of your bill, each month for as long as your services are active.  This program provides an excellent way to provide ongoing support by simply paying the bills you are paying now on the various services you use.  All billing will continue to come from the same service provider, and you will continue to call the same service provider for any support issues.  However, because you use the XC Booster’s website to obtain your service, the XC Program will receive a monthly contribution.   In addition, through ACN you may recognize additional savings on the services you select.


ACN provides services from all the major carriers with which you are familiar.  Services are offered for both Home and Business.  They include:


•        Digital and Video Phone Service

•        Local and Long Distance Calling

•        High‐Speed Internet

•        Wireless Service

•        Satellite, Cable and Fiber TV

•        Home Security and Automation

•        Gas and Electricity

•        Computer Support

•        Merchant Services


The XC Booster’s website can be found at:


The Affinity Fundraising Program provides additional monetary bonus incentives during the first year the XC Boosters are signed up on the program.  These are in addition to the monthly contributions.  The more services we are able to provide, the higher the incentive that is paid.  So, we are on a definite campaign to acquire as many services as possible over the next 12-months.


Your support is needed.  Would you consider supporting the XC Boosters through this fundraiser?  By signing up your essential services through the XC Booster’s website, you will be assisting in the continued building of a great running program for your son/daughter and future students.  What a great way to leave an ongoing legacy!


We are including links to help support the program, including Glendora XC Fundraising Flyer which provides information about the program.  In addition, to help you through the process of deciding how you can support the program, click the link for the Home Services Survey or the BusinessServicesSurvey.  If you fill out the applicable survey, and get it back to us, we will gladly work up potential service recommendations for you to consider and assist you with the sign up process.  The survey can be faxed to me at (626) 771-2950, scanned and emailed to, or handed to either me or Frances when you see us at a practice or meet.


We are also asking your assistance with spreading the word about the XC Booster’s Website by referring family, friends and others you know.  This includes Business Owners!


My contact information is below.  Please feel free to contact me via this email address or my cell if there are any questions, or if you need assistance with selecting and signing up services.


Thank you for your support.



Jesus and Frances Arriaga


Jesus Arriaga

Gledora Cross Country Boosters Fundraiser

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Cell:  (626) 353-2291

Fax:  (626) 771-2950

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