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Glendora Cross Country - No Fear  No Pain  No Defeat

You Get What You Need

The Rolling Stones on the Pyramid stage You can’t always get what you want…
But we did get 4th, which is all we needed this week. For the first time ever (and by ever, I mean to the extent of my knowledge as well as the knowledge of a couple others who should know), both the boys and girls varsity teams advance to CIF SS Finals. More on that below…

This past Saturday, both varsity teams toed the line with admission to Southern Section Finals on the line. You may know (though I’m going to tell you again) that out of the 50 states, Texas, New York, Illinois and California are BY FAR the most competitive in XC. Probably in other sports, too. HarralAnd of those states, the California’s Southern Section (to which we belong) is among the most competitive – if not THE most competitive. What I’m trying to say is, advancing is hard. Really hard.

Varsity Girls
• Team places 4th
• Top 20 finishes by Cori Harral (15) and Alyssa Perez (20)

KirwinVarsity Boys
• Team places 4th
Jeff Kirwin places third (with a PR) for the only Top 20

All Time Top Ten
Jeff Kirwin moves into a tie for #2 all time on this course

Important Links
Official Results (Girls)
Official Results (Boys)
Meet Videos

Significant Time Improvements
Over 0:30 improvement – Taylor Butler, Emily Hoey
Over 1:00 improvement – Alyssa Perez

Both teams will race again at CIF SS Finals, also at Mt SAC – girls at 8:05 am, boys at 8:45 am. Click HERE for more details. We’ll run one heat for each division with the top seven teams advancing to the State Championships.

What to Watch For
Both teams will have to place higher to advance. The good news is that the boys have run faster at Mt SAC and the girls, having taken over two minutes off of last year’s Prelims time, are peaking at exactly the right time.
Morning races should mean cooler temps than last week, and we like cool weather.
We can do this. Let’s eat turkey in Clovis!

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