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Apache Invitational – The Results



Although we’ve raced here before, it’s been at the three mile distance.  Last year, the race was changed to 5000 meters.  The spectating is still good (though you don’t see the runners as often as we promised – sorry) and we’re pretty sure we set lots of 5k PRs.  The Varsity took the day off, so several of us ran up a level, which made high finishes a little harder than usual.


In schedule order:



Frosh Boys


  • Team placed 6th


Frosh/Soph Girls

  • Team placed 6th


Varsity Girls

  • Team placed 11th


Varsity Boys

  • Team placed 11th


JV Girls

  • Micaela Lamb WON the race!
  • Kayla McGarrell took 5th, Madison Ko placed 13th


JV Boys

  • Michael Yu ran solo (it’s not easy to run without a team)


All Time Top Ten

  • Since this is the first time we have raced this course at 5000 m, the Top Ten has not been altered (this may change, and we will alert you if it does)


Important Links


Athletes of the Meet

Congratulations to…

  • Micaela Lamb on a great comeback; though it has not been an easy season for her, she has refused to give up and is showing signs of the great running we know she is capable of

    Eric Netzeband for another great effort; we like that Eric not only brings great energy to the team, he can run fast, too

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