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Glendora Cross Country - No Fear  No Pain  No Defeat

And then there was one…

One week after Prelims, the boys and girls teams arrived back at Mt SAC to compete for a spot in the State finals at Woodward Park in Clovis.

The girls ran first, and despite running their fourth fastest team time (on this course) in the last four years, finished out of the qualifying, in 15th place. The young ladies persisted through at least two (and maybe three) seasons of just missing out on the finals, finally making it on what was the last season for most of the athletes. Congratulations to all of you, but especially the seniors: Emily, Alyssa, Cori, Chloe, Tori and Taylor (and those who didn’t race Saturday, too) – you leave the team better now than when you arrived. I can’t think of a better legacy.

Just a few minutes after the girls finished, the gun sounded for the boys’ race. When a training plan works out, the team is running their best at the end of the year – which is exactly what happened Saturday. The boys ran their fastest Mt SAC team time of the year (and second fastest in the last four years) but finished 10th and do not advance. Well done.

And yet, there is good news to report. Jeff Kirwin finished THIRD, yes third, overall in a GHS course record 14:55 (first Tartan to run sub-fifteen, don’t you know) and will advance to the State Championships as an individual. Congratulations Jeff, you have worked hard to develop your gift and we wish you the best in Clovis. We may not be there in person, but we will be there in spirit (pounding the refresh button on our iPhones and laptops).

You Get What You Need

The Rolling Stones on the Pyramid stage You can’t always get what you want…
But we did get 4th, which is all we needed this week. For the first time ever (and by ever, I mean to the extent of my knowledge as well as the knowledge of a couple others who should know), both the boys and girls varsity teams advance to CIF SS Finals. More on that below…

This past Saturday, both varsity teams toed the line with admission to Southern Section Finals on the line. You may know (though I’m going to tell you again) that out of the 50 states, Texas, New York, Illinois and California are BY FAR the most competitive in XC. Probably in other sports, too. HarralAnd of those states, the California’s Southern Section (to which we belong) is among the most competitive – if not THE most competitive. What I’m trying to say is, advancing is hard. Really hard.

Varsity Girls
• Team places 4th
• Top 20 finishes by Cori Harral (15) and Alyssa Perez (20)

KirwinVarsity Boys
• Team places 4th
Jeff Kirwin places third (with a PR) for the only Top 20

All Time Top Ten
Jeff Kirwin moves into a tie for #2 all time on this course

Important Links
Official Results (Girls)
Official Results (Boys)
Meet Videos

Significant Time Improvements
Over 0:30 improvement – Taylor Butler, Emily Hoey
Over 1:00 improvement – Alyssa Perez

Both teams will race again at CIF SS Finals, also at Mt SAC – girls at 8:05 am, boys at 8:45 am. Click HERE for more details. We’ll run one heat for each division with the top seven teams advancing to the State Championships.

What to Watch For
Both teams will have to place higher to advance. The good news is that the boys have run faster at Mt SAC and the girls, having taken over two minutes off of last year’s Prelims time, are peaking at exactly the right time.
Morning races should mean cooler temps than last week, and we like cool weather.
We can do this. Let’s eat turkey in Clovis!

CIF Prelims

We’re going to do this quick and dirty… with just the facts.


CIF-SS Prelims at Mt SAC – Saturday, November 16

Girls race at 2:04 pm

Boys race at 4:00 pm

Top FOUR teams and top SIX individuals advance to CIF Finals (also at Mt SAC) on 11/23.

Click HERE for complete schedule (heat sheets)



Enter through the main gate, admission is:

  • $7 – General Admission
  • $5 – HS student with ID
  • $5 – Children 3-13
  • FREE – Under 5 (so… not you)


Parking is $10 for the close lot and $5 for the NOT close lots.
Good luck Tartans.

We are the (Baseline League) Champions


And you better believe we’ll keep on fighting, as long as we’re eligible to race.

Last Wednesday (I know, we’re really quite quick with the race reports sometimes), Glendora claimed FIVE Baseline League championships, including:

  • JV Girls Team
  • JV Girls individual (Micalea Lamb)
  • Varsity Girls Team
  • Varsity Boys Team
  • Varsity Boys individual (Jeff Kirwin)


Frosh/Soph Boys

  • Team placed 5th
  • Top 20 (because it’s a bigger field) finishes by Matt Joy (18) and Michael Hernandez (19)


JV Girls

  • Team drops a 1-2-4-6-7 finish on the field to claim the JV league title with just 20 points (lowest on the day), besting RCHS (52) and Etiwanda (74) – that’s 5 in the top 9 and all girls in before any other team had even 2 runners in (in XC we call that dominating your race)
  • As the winner of the race, Micaela Lamb is JV League Champ
  • Other top 20 finishes from Savannah Yi (2), Kathryn Cisneros (4), Kayla McGarrell (6), Lauren Kuehfuss (7), Sofi Rodriguez (9), Rebecca Ruiz (10), Mary Young (11), Madison Ko (13) and Emily DuPont (18)


JV Boys

  • Team placed 3rd behind Etiwanda and Los Osos (27, 44, 56)
  • Marcos Perez (3), Gregor Derstepanian (12), Richard Johnson (13), Josh Jackson (16) and Eric Netzeband (17) score Top 20 finishes


Varsity Girls

  • Team THREE-PEATS as League Champs by 21 points over Rancho Cucamonga (32-53)
  • Team time was over a minute better than last year’s league championship time
  • Top Ten finishes by Emily Hoey (2), Cori Harral (5), Taylor Butler (6), Alyssa Perez (9), and Tori Whitworth (10)


Varsity Boys

  • Team places 5 in the top 9 (and another 1-2 finish) to win the League Championship by a commanding 43 point margin, beating Etiwanda (70) and Rancho Cucamonga (73)
  • Team posts the best regular season time at Mt SAC in the last 4 years
  • Jeff Kirwin claims the title of LEAGUE CHAMP by finishing first
  • Top Tens (other than Jeff) for Parker Seale (2), Sam Johnny (7), Damon Payne (8) and Oliver Kashyap (9)




All Time Top Ten

  • Parker Seale improves to #7 all time on this course
  • Emily Hoey jumps to #5 and Taylor Butler is off the bubble, moving from 15 to 12


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Significant Time Improvements

I’m going to miss this space – we’ve seen some amazing growth this year, improvements that don’t “just happen” but that require persistence and continued hard work (sometimes in the face of adversity)

Over 0:30 improvement – Taylor ButlerAlyssa PerezGregor DerstepanianBradford KiddMarcos PerezParker Seale

Over 1:00 improvement – Michael Hernandez

Over 1:30 improvement – Watts Waddington

And then there are SEVERAL times that defy generalization: Julie Miller (2:06), Katrina Reynolds (3:18), Kathryn Cisneros (3:24) and Nicole Fuentes (5:06) – hmmmm where have we seen these names before


Athletes of the Meet

Andrew Kalaiji – Andrew always has a great attitude and positive comment before and after races.

Emily Hoey – Although it’s still a mystery where she gets her speed (it’s certainly not genetic), Emily has raced well this season.  She always trains and races to be the best she can be and is a perfect example of the work ethic needed to be a great athlete.

Baseline League Finals – Wednesday at Mt SAC

flatsLeague Finals – top 3 teams get automatic bids to CIF Prelims.  We expect to be there.

Our girls are the two-time defending league champs.  Based on the results of the two cluster meets, they are favored to bring a three-peat home to Glendora.

Our boys will be favored as well – looking to claim a Baseline League title for the first time since we rejoined this league.

You’ve got the course map and directions already, but here it is again, along with the schedule… as best we know it.

In cross country, there is no luck.  There are, however, days when preparation meets opportunity.  Wednesday is one of those days.  Have faith in your training.  Be confident in your ability.  Grab that opportunity.

See you at the finish line.

Apache Invitational – The Results



Although we’ve raced here before, it’s been at the three mile distance.  Last year, the race was changed to 5000 meters.  The spectating is still good (though you don’t see the runners as often as we promised – sorry) and we’re pretty sure we set lots of 5k PRs.  The Varsity took the day off, so several of us ran up a level, which made high finishes a little harder than usual.


In schedule order:



Frosh Boys


  • Team placed 6th


Frosh/Soph Girls

  • Team placed 6th


Varsity Girls

  • Team placed 11th


Varsity Boys

  • Team placed 11th


JV Girls

  • Micaela Lamb WON the race!
  • Kayla McGarrell took 5th, Madison Ko placed 13th


JV Boys

  • Michael Yu ran solo (it’s not easy to run without a team)


All Time Top Ten

  • Since this is the first time we have raced this course at 5000 m, the Top Ten has not been altered (this may change, and we will alert you if it does)


Important Links


Athletes of the Meet

Congratulations to…

  • Micaela Lamb on a great comeback; though it has not been an easy season for her, she has refused to give up and is showing signs of the great running we know she is capable of

    Eric Netzeband for another great effort; we like that Eric not only brings great energy to the team, he can run fast, too