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Glendora Cross Country - No Fear  No Pain  No Defeat


Molly Huddle

Although we’ve not run here in quite some time, and we believe only once, this will be the 40th edition of the Bellarmine Griffith Park Cross Country Invitational meet, the most senior continuous event in Griffith Park.  About 3,000 runners are expected to compete in 17 races on Saturday.  The start/finish area is just north of the historic Greek Theatre, Southern California’s best concert venue (by far).

And as a special treat, Molly Huddle, current US 5k champ and US women’s record holder at 5000 (14:44.76) will sign autographs at the start/finish area around 9:00 am.  Huddle has competed three times at the world track and field championships and was the first American finisher at the 2013 Moscow championships.   Molly will also give away an autographed pair of spikes.

The Varsity 7 who competed at Woodbridge will not be racing at this meet (unless Coach Steve told you differently); everyone else lines up according to the schedule listed in the meet flyer.  Which also has directions and everything else you need to know.

League Meet #1 – Results

Number 1Usually, our first league meet is at Glen Helen Regional Park.  And usually our first league meet feels like we’re running on the sun.  Usually, of course, means the last three seasons, which is as long as this writer has been around.  This season, we ran at Red Hill Park and the temps were mild.  And it was a good day.  A very good day.  As the ladies above are indicating, we had six, yes six, number ones to celebrate.


Varsity Girls

  • Team took first place (that’s one) by 34 points over Rancho Cucamonga (26-60)
  • Top Ten finishes by Alyssa Perez (2), Chloe Arriaga (4), Cori Harral (5), Emily Hoey (7), Megan Trono (8) and Taylor Butler (9)


Varsity Boys

  • Team took first (there’s two) with 34 points, beating Etiwanda (57) and Rancho Cucamonga (59)
  • Jeff Kirwin won the race (and three)
  • Top Tens by Parker Seale (4), Sam Johnny (7) and Damon Payne (9)


JV Girls

  • Team won the race (four) with just 21 points, besting RCHS (52) and Los Osos (78)
  • Lauren Kuehfuss placed first (now five), reluctantly clipping Madison Ko (2) at the line
  • Top 20 (because it’s a bigger field) finishes from Sofi Rodriguez (5), Kayla McGarrell (6), Taylor Leech (7), Kathryn Cisneros (9), Emily DuPont (15),  Savannah Yi (19) and Rebecca Ruiz (20)


JV Boys

  • Team placed 4th (although the official results don’t show it that way due to an error that omitted our first finisher, fifth overall, from the scoring), just 3 points out of second place but behind a dominant RC team
  • Marcos Perez (5), Matt Joy (12) and Erik Segura (14) score Top 20 finishes


All Time Top Ten

  • Jeff Kirwin (1) takes over the top spot (I told you there were six), and is joined by Parker Seale (5)
  • Alyssa Perez (2) becomes the third Glendora girl to break 19 minutes at this course; and entering the ATTT is Chloe Arriaga (5)


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Significant Time Improvements

Please not that we ran this race three weeks (or so) earlier in the season than in years past, which makes it harder to PR.  For this reason, we are reminding all runners to be mindful of this fact when comparing times to last season and acknowledging improvements of 30 seconds or better for this meet

Over 0:30 improvement – Alyssa Perez, Katrina Reynolds, Parker Seale, Richard Johnson, Gregor Derstepanian, Erik Segura

Over 1:00 improvement - Sydney CarlsonNicole FuentesWatts Waddington (who, let’s face it, also has the best name on the team), Michael HernandezMatt Joy

Over 2:00 improvement - Kathryn Cisneros


Athletes of the Meet

This week’s AoM’s are awarded for continued hard work leading to significant time improvements on the Red Hill Park course:

Congratulations to Matt Joy (he’s the one on the left in the picture at the right),Joy whose 1:38 improvement over 2012 led the boys;






Cisnerosand Kathryn Cisneros, who led the entire team by topping last year’s time by 2:33


Maybe it’s because the last three years have been CRAZY hot at Glen Helen, but for some reason, the league has flip-flopped the meet locations this year.  So we’ll run at Red Hill first, then head to Glen Helen next month.  No worries, though.  We’ve raced both and we’re ready.

If you’re new to our team, it’s important to know that GHS is a Division 2 school racing in a pretty competitive league against all D1 schools.  It’s also important to know how and when to get to the meet so that you can cheer us on.  To do that, click HERE.


Oh, and in case you’re not Facebook friends with Coach Ben, check out the latest rankings.  Boys moved up and the Girls debuted – but you’ll have to follow the link to get the details.


See you at Red Hill Park.

Woodbridge – A Fairy Tale Story

Despite sending only two teams to Estancia High School, there is lots to report from this past weekend’s Cross Country Classic (or, as most of us know it, Woodbridge Invitational).  And the fairy tale part?  Well, like any good fairy tale,  there were three magical moments on Saturday night.


Magical Moment #1

The varsity girls finished 3rd in the Rated race (just 4 points from 2nd) with an AMAZING 18 second spread across the five scorers.  AND, all seven varsity girls finished in the medals: Alyssa Perez (26), Cori Harral (28), Megan Trono (30), Chloe Arriaga (31), Emily Hoey (55), Taylor Butler (65) and Tori Whitworth (75).


Magical Moment #2

Jeff Kirwin posted the fastest three-mile race time in GHS history, finishing 9th and leading the boys to a 13th place finish, against the top teams in the state, in the Sweepstakes race . Now, 13th may not seem so amazing at first glance, but considering the size of the meet and the level of competition, this is a BIG DEAL.  The GHS boys validated their early season state ranking and made an early case for themselves as podium contenders at season’s end. Medals were also awarded to Parker Seale (29) and Sam Johnny (99).


Magical Moment #3

Cinderella makes an appearance – Marcos Perez lost his shoe in the first mile.  He has it back now, but we’re not sure if it was courtesy of a princess or not…

By the way, unlike Cinderella, who went home after losing her shoe, Marcos finished the race.


Athletes of the Meet

Boy AoM is Jeff Kirwin, because 14:26.  That’s not a typo.

Honorable mention goes to Marcos Perez for his Cinderella performance.

Girl AoM goes to Alyssa Perez who showed a strong effort throughout the entire race.  If you want a great example of someone who is always pushing hard, never gives up and wrings as much performance out of herself as her body is able to give, come check out AP.


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Getting Faster

And this space’s favorite section, improvement over last year’s time (because we may not have a shot at winning, but we all have the chance to improve):

Over 1 minute improvement - Damon Payne, Chloe Arriaga, Taylor Butler

Over 2 minute improvement – Marcos Perez

Over 3 minute improvement -

Improvements too large to generalize - Cori Harral posted a 4:30 improvement over her 2010 time – WOW!






Meet Preview – Cross Country Classic (AKA Woodbridge)


The Woodbridge Invitational/Cross Country Classic has a storied history – Southern California XC legends like Ammar Moussa, Christine Babcock, Deena Kastor and Meb Keflezighi have all left their mark on this event.  And now it is our turn to see what damage we can do against our biggest SoCal rivals as well as teams from Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona.  If you want to know exactly how big it is (spoiler alert – 270 schools, over 10,000 athletes), check out THIS ARTICLE.

In addition to the competition, we get to run on a great course.  Here’s how the race website tells it:

The Estancia High School grounds, Stadium and neighboring Fairview Park makes for a great cross country course.  The course is scenic, allows for great visibility of the runners, is “crazy” fast, has a wide and less crowded starting line, has a long straight away start and safer racing conditions (cool ocean breeze, grass, and dirt running surface).  Staging the meet on Friday and Saturday nights, gives everyone the unique opportunity to run under the lights and under ideal weather conditions.  No worries about hot September weather.

If you’re as big a stat geek as those dorks that hang around the finish line with stopwatches around their necks, click HERE.  In addition to some of the names listed above, you will find Glendora alumni Anthony Castro at #66  and Lauren Justus at #28 on the all-time lists for this race (be sure to look at the ESTANCIA COURSE).  Partly because we last raced here in 2010, you’ll only find one current athlete on the list – Mike Duke at #35 on the Frosh list.


Only Varsity is running this meet:

Girls toe the line at 8:54 pm against 39 of the best teams in the state (and a few from other states) in the Rated Race.

Boys line up against 29 others teams in the Sweepstakes Race at 9:54 pm.


Meet Flyer with directions, site and course maps, report times, Varsity runners and more can be found HERE.


For those of you on the go, results will likely be posted HERE shortly after each race is complete.


See you on Saturday.


Gotta be quick:


Updated rankings here:


Southern Section by Division – Boys up one spot to Number FOUR

State by Division – Boys at Number FIVE (all the teams ahead of us are in the Southern Section and this is a week old and due for an update later today, so draw your own conclusions…)

State Super 25 – forget division, forget section – if we raced against EVERYBODY, this is where one man thinks our boys would finish



Still waiting to see those girls get noticed.  Get at it, ladies, you’ll be there soon.

Fastback Shootout

LKOn a warm day in September we attacked the venerable Mt SAC cross country course.

Wait!  September?  Isn’t it a little early to be at Mt SAC?  Not if you’re racing the Fastback Shootout’s 1.92 mile course that cuts one Valley Loop and Reservoir Hill from the regular menu.

Grab a drink and get comfortable, there’s lots to report.

First, think about this – when you take ALL the finishers of ALL the schools (including the Division 1 schools) and mash up (technical XC term) their times, Glendora Boys were SECOND behind perennial D1 powerhouse Great Oak and Glendora Girls were THIRD behind Simi Valley (a D2 rival) and Great Oak – both top-notch programs.  In other words, we did GREAT.


The highlights:


Senior Girls

  • Team WON their heat convincingly, scoring just 27 points (second place scored 89) and bringing in all five scorers before any of the eight other teams brought in three
  • Emily Hoey took 3rd, and now resides at SECOND on Glendora’s All Time Top Ten for this course
  • Alyssa Perez grabbed 4th, takes over THIRD on the GHS ATTT
  • Chloe Arriaga placed 5th, slots in at FOURTH on the GHS ATTT
  • Cori Harral finished 8th in the heat, is now FIFTH on the GHS ATTT
  • Taylor Butler finished the scoring in 15th, and is NINTH on the GHS ATTT
  • Tori Whitworth was 16th and wrapped up the changes to the ATTT by grabbing the TENTH spot
  • Madison Ko takes a medal in 35th
  • Sasha Weller finished 36th to grab the last GHS medal in this heat

Senior Boys

  • Team placed second out of eight teams
  • Mike Duke took 10th in the heat; he entered the GHS ATTT in the EIGHTH spot
  • Damon Payne placed 15th
  • Marcos Perez finished 30th
  • Richard Johnson grabbed 33rd, taking the last medal for the senior boys

Junior Girls

  • Team placed 3rd of 8, just 5 points out of second (but only 4 pts ahead of 4th, so…)
  • Megan Trono took 3rd as the fastest Glendora girl on the day, and is now FIRST all-time on this course for GHS
  • Lauren Kuehfuss claimed 14th
  • Sofi Rodriguez placed 30th
  • Kathryn Cisneros grabbed the last GHS medal of the heat in 37th place

Junior Boys

  • Team crushed the competition, scoring 25 points to beat 13 other teams, the closest of which scored 101 points (last year’s nickname of Young Guns no longer applies to these upperclassmen, and no cool image for CAGEY VETERANS could be found, so this space is accepting suggestions)
  • Jeff Kirwin placed 2nd in the heat, bested Thomas Finnigan’s 2007 mark for FIRST on the GHS ATTT, claimed THIRD on the All Time Top Ten Juniors at Fastback Shootout (NOT Glendora, EVERY time ever posted by a Junior on this course) AND, if my calculations are correct, Jeff joins Thomas (who started 8th, but is now 12th) on the All Time Top Twenty Overall at Fastback Shootout in the FIFTH spot (that’s right, 5th fastest time ever posted at the Fastback Shootout)
  • Parker Seale claimed 3rd in the heat, THIRD on the GHS ATTT and joined Jeff on the All Time Top Ten Juniors at Fastback Shootout by taking the NINTH spot (and, just so you know, was 20th on the Overall Top Twenty after his race only to get knocked off that list before the day ended – but hey, he was there longer than you were!)
  • Sam Johnny captured 8th, is now FIFTH on the GHS ATTT
  • Oliver Kashyap finished 11th, shows up at SEVENTH on the GHS ATTT
  • Bradford “Comeback” Kidd takes 17th, rounds out the GHS ATTT at TENTH

Sophomore Girls

  • Team placed 9th of 11 teams
  • Emily Dupont took home a medal for finishing 23rd

Sophomore Boys

  • Team placed 9th of 13 teams
  • Matt Joy placed 27th

Frosh girls

  • Team placed 10th
  • Rebecca Ruiz placed 29th
  • Savanah Yi took 31st

Frosh Boys

  • Team placed 12th


Important Links


Getting Better

Because we didn’t race here last year, we can’t congratulate anyone for improving over last year’s time.  However, I can tell you this, EVERYBODY that ran Legg Lake on 8/31 posted a better time at Fastback.  True story.


Athletes of the Meet

Good week to have a “K” name…  Congratulations to:

  • Bradford Kidd who ran the SIXTH fastest time for the boys and earns a Varsity singlet for Woodbridge, and
  • Lauren Kuehfuss who looks so tough fighting for a varsity spot that prepcaltrack posted her photo (which we borrowed for this entry)





This is a new race for us (at least as far as our limited memory can recall), but certainly NOT an unfamiliar place.

No, this race is run on (part of) the world-famous Mt SAC Cross Country Course.  You’ll have to wait several weeks to see the full course, but this will be a nice preview for that day.


Here’s what we know:

  • You’ll run one valley loop (next month you’ll run two)
  • You’ll run two massive hills – Switchbacks and Poop Out (next month you’ll run those two plus Reservoir)
  • You’ll cross the finish line after 1.92 miles (next month it will be 2.93)
  • It will be hot (temps forecasted in the mid-nineties)
  • Top 40 in each heat will medal (unofficial information found from scouring the Interweb)
  • Update: This meet will have chip timing, so there will be live results, posted shortly after each race at this link:

So, keep drinking lots of water and download THIS FLYER which tells you where to go and when (and has a course map attached).


Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes

BowieAll of the schedule variety:


  • Picture Day is Wednesday, September 18 at 4:00 pm – meet at the GHS track
  • League Meet 1 has been changed to Red Hill Park at 2:00 pm (same date)
  • League Meet 2 has been changed to Glen Helen Park at 2:00 pm (same date)
  • League Finals will be held at Mt SAC at 1:30 pm (same date)

The meet schedule has been updated – see it HERE or, as always, at HOT LINKS


Oh, one more (non-schedule) change… the fax number for the ACN Fundraiser is wrong.  The correct number is (626) 771-2950.  If you faxed a survey, please resend it to this number.  Thanks again for your support.

A Little Business and a Little Fun

Billy Ray

Nothing says “a little business and a little fun” quite like a mullet.

And when you think mullet, you gotta think Billy Ray Cyrus.  He probably wasn’t the first, but he was the one that got this party (or business) started.  Who’s your favorite mullet-sporting celebrity?  MacGyver?  Michael Bolton?  Andre Agassi (the teen years)?  Bowie?  All good choices, but they don’t make the top 3.  Stay tuned for that…


So here’s the business:

There’s a PARENT MEETING tomorrow evening at 6:30 at the GHS Track.  It is important that you attend.

The team fundraiser has been launched (and will be discussed at the meeting), you will find info to the right under the heading GHS XC INFO, there is also a link in the HOT LINKS page and HERE.



And here’s the fun:


Huge THANK YOU to Olympic Gold Medal Decathlete Bryan Clay for stopping by the spaghetti dinner on Friday night.  Bryan told stories about his career, making smart choices, the importance of teammates and answered questions.  If you don’t think GHS XC athletes can be quiet for an hour, ask anyone who was there.  It was a very special time for the team.

We’ll keep you up to date on the Bryan Clay Foundation’s Fit for Fall Run so that you can help us say thank you by running or volunteering.

Team with BC

Bryan Clay (center) with 2013 GHS XC Team


And for those of you who hung around to find out, the rest of the top three celebrity mullets of all time belong to:




Mrs Brady


All judging is final – your comments will not be posted.