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Glendora Cross Country - No Fear  No Pain  No Defeat

Run/Walk for Coach

There is a run/walk at LaVerne Trails in memory of Coach Sumner on Saturday, June 15 (that’s tomorrow) at 9:00 am.  Everyone is welcome, regardless of ability – some will run fast, some will walk, most of us will do something in between.  If getting out on the trail is simply out of the question, we probably need someone to bring some strawberries and oranges.  So there’s a place for everyone who wants to honor coach tomorrow.

To get there from Route 66, continue east on Baseline; turn left on Wheeler, continue to stop sign at Golden Hills Rd; turn right, continue to stop sign at Stephens Ranch Rd, turn left, then left again into parking lot (it shows up as Lowell Brandt Park on Google).  Chances are good that the small parking lot will fill up well before you arrive, so find parking on the street nearby.


At 1:00 that afternoon, the Sumner family will be hosting an open house at their home.  For that address or directions, you may contact Kaitlyn Geiman via the Coach Sumner Facebook page or meet her at the morning run/walk.


It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Cross Country Coach Don Sumner.  At the summer BBQ just one week ago, Coach told us that he had been at Glendora High School for 17 years.  To a smaller group he mentioned that in one more year, he would have been at GHS longer than EVERY kid on the team had been alive.  Sadly, we’ll not see that day.

We love writing race reports.  We complain about them sometimes, but we love to write them.  There is nothing better than wrapping one up by acknowledging the runners who made significant improvements.  We say that not everyone has a chance to win the race, but everyone has a chance to improve.  We acknowledge the effort.

This isn’t a race report and we hate that we have to write it.  But we will write it, because we want to acknowledge the effort.  You will, no doubt, see and hear several tributes to Coach in the coming weeks.  But here, and now, we will honor the effort not to make every runner a champion, but to make every runner not just a better runner but a better person.  As a running coach, it’s easy to like the fastest kids on the team and, of course, it’s easy to like the kids who are easy to like.  Coach liked all of the kids.  Gave them all an equal chance to run, to go to Mammoth, to race, to improve.  Coach made it about the kids.  And he seemed to always know which kids needed it most.

So we’ll remember wonderful successes: league titles and league champions, a CIF title and a podium finish at state just a few years ago, athletes running and studying at some of our country’s best universities.  We’ll remember (and laugh about) his voice mail message, his Tupac ringtone and how his name always showed up as “Donnie” on our caller ID.  We’ll remember the stories he told (and wonder just how much he was embellishing the REAL story).  And we’ll remember Coach’s heart.  The heart that gave all it had to give.


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You Should be Running!

Don’t fight it.  Resistance is futile.  You know you want to run cross country.

We’re an excellent team – our girls are defending league champs (two times) and the boys were CIF Finalists last year and State Finalists in 2011.  We’re also one of the most inclusive teams on campus, there are no cuts and no bench in our sport – everyone races.

It takes quite a bit of training to get good at our sport, so we begin practice at the start of the summer.  While you can join the team when school starts, you’ll be missing out on the best opportunity to improve (and a bunch of the fun) if you don’t start training in June.  We train 5-6 days a week in the summer and in the school year, and most of our competitions are on Saturdays in September and October.

Key Details


Summer Training Camp - Begins Monday June 24th for new athletes, June 21 for Varsity athletes.  Cost is $80 which covers coaching and training expenses.  Details…

  • We train 5-6 days a week, and varsity athletes will have some double days.  (For practice schedule through July 13, click HERE)
  • Training locations are GHS, Bonelli Park, and Marshall Canyon.  (For locations and contact info, click HERE)
  • Athlete’s training will be gauged to their age, ability and fitness levels
  • Download and complete this form; bring it with you on June 24: Summer Camp 2013


Mammoth High Altitude Training Camp - Wednesday July 31 – Wednesday August 7.  Cost is $360 inclusive – transportation, lodging, food and a training shirt ($400 if full payment not received by July 3, 2013).  This camp gives us a chance to focus on being athletes and to get in a block of hard training.  Because our team is getting bigger, and there are a limited number of spots in the condos, and because the team is getting better, so the training is getting harder, there are some minimum requirements to attend…

  • The camp is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged, especially for varsity athletes
  • First year athletes are encouraged to take part, but they must meet basic fitness and training requirements.
  • Returning athletes also need to meet the fitness and attendance requirements.
  • All attendees MUST have the physical packet completed and turned in to Mrs Kirwin or Coach Kaitlyn (they will copy and deliver to Athletics Office)
  • Downloads: GHS XC Mammoth Camp 2013 Info   GHS Mammoth Medical Release 2013 2013 GHS Physical Packet


School Season and Mandatory Training Begins August 14th - The summer program is strongly encouraged but not required.  However, returning athletes must begin training when school starts and newcomers will be welcome the first few weeks of school.

All athletes MUST have a completed physical packet to compete during the season.


ORDER FORM – Please let us know how you plan to participate and what gear you need by completing an order form and bringing it to summer practice.

  • Please select summer camp and/or Mammoth camp
  • In order to race, you need shorts, singlet and warmups
  • Items that are useful but not necessary are training shirts, shoe bag, backpack
  • It’s nice to show your loyalty on race day with a parent shirt (also known as sibling shirts, grandparent shirts, uncle shirts, sister-in-law shirts, etc)
  • Even if you are not running in the summer or going to Mammoth, it is wise to order your uniform now – prices will go up for two items on July 1 and sometimes the supplier runs out of stock.
  • Downloads: 2013 Camp and Gear Order Form


Season Schedule - Download this season’s PRELIMINARY schedule HERE