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Glendora Cross Country - No Fear  No Pain  No Defeat

Tuesday: Baseline League Finals

League Finals – top 3 teams get automatic bids to CIF Prelims.  We expect to be there.

Our girls are the defending league champs and, I’m told, are quite interested in defending that title.  Based on the results of the two cluster meets, they are the favorites.  Emily Hoey races to defend her individual title as well.

Our boys are closing in on Rancho Cucamonga, favorites for League Champs, and ready to show us all just exactly what they are capable of doing at Mt SAC.

You’ve got the course map and directions already, but here it is again, along with the schedule… as best we know it (thanks to the not-so-anonymous web surfer lurking in the shadows and passing along new info as it is discovered).


In cross country, there is no luck.  There are, however, days when preparation meets opportunity.  Tuesday is one of those days.  Have faith in your training.  Be confident in your ability.  Grab that opportunity.

See you at the finish line.




Mt SAC Invite – The Results

On a nearly perfect day for racing, the biggest news was the girls’ course record getting smashed.  However, we had a few things to cheer about as well:


The highlights:


  • Three varsity girls (Micaela Lamb, Emily Hoey and Cori Harral) under 19:00 DOUBLED the number of sub-19-minute times on the Girls’ ATTT.
  • Aaron Reyes ran a very solid 16:34, which is only 2:03 better than his time at this met last year.
  • Jeff Kirwin dropped 1:32 from last year’s time to claim 3rd on the boys’ ATTT.


All Time Top Ten

  • Jeff Kirwin to third
  • Micaela Lamb, Emily Hoey and Cori Harral to 4th, 5th and 6th respectively
  • Megan Trono and Chloe Arriaga debut at 13 and 15 respectively


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Significant time improvements over last year’s time at this meet:

Over 30 second improvement – Micaela Lamb, Emily Hoey, Taylor Butler, Mike Duke, Camron Sharp

Over 1 minute improvement – Jeff Kirwin, Anthony Moreno, Adam Johnson, Alexander Orozco

Over 2 minute improvement – Jocelyn Hii (2:51), Aaron Reyes (2:03), David DeLeon (2:41)

Bus Fees and Fund Raising

The team counts on your support in this important area.

Please make your check for $50 to GHS XC BOOSTERS and deliver it to Mrs Kirwin, Coach Kaitlyn or, if you must, Coach Sumner (but he’d prefer you give it to one of the other two).

To date, only a third of the athletes have paid.  DON’T BE PART OF THE 67%.

Important Schedule Items

Three VERY important items you should know about (two of which have been previously communicated):


1. Picture day is Tuesday.  That’s tomorrow.  Athletes need to wear clean uniforms for picture day.  All other info will be handed out at practice.

2. We will NOT be competing at the Apache Invitational at Arcadia on Friday.

3. League finals are on Tuesday, October 30 (this is a change from the original schedule).

Up Next: Mt SAC Invitational

The World’s Largest Cross Country Competition


Most of our team got to race last week on the famous and severe 2.93 mile course, but you don’t get the full impact of the place until you are part of the massive Invitational meet.

If you’re not at this meet on Saturday, you’re missing out.

Almost everything you need to know can be found HERE.

If it’s not there, you have to ask yourself, “Do I REALLY need to know that?”  And if you REALLY think you do, use THIS.


Update: Please note that two races have been added to our schedule: JV Boys at 7:16 and JV Girls at 7:46.

Both races will consist of all Jr and Sr athletes not in the Top 14.

The meet flyer has been changed.

SGV 1on1 – The Results

This past weekend found the Tartan XC Squad preparing for the Mt SAC Invitational by competing in the SGV one on one Challenge (also advertised as the SGV XC Invitational).  Several athletes chose to rest after racing twice in the last week.

If you didn’t know before, you probably know now – this course is a big deal.  We keep records a little differently for the Mt SAC course – Top 15 (instead of 10) and a separate Top 10 for Frosh.  This course is so famous, even the elementary kids plan their seasons around it.  Future Tartans (and current Condors) from Cullen Elementary’s 4th Grade Girls team took third place on Day 1 of the invite last Friday.

The format for this race is unique, pitting our Number 1 runner against all other Number 1s, 2s against 2s, etc. through Number 5.  Scores are computed as usual, comparing finishing times for each Top 5 runner against all other Top 5s.  Sound confusing?  Ask someone with a yellow stopwatch to explain it to you at the next meet.

Race Highlights


Varsity Girls

  • Took 6th place
  • Emily Hoey placed 10th OA


Varsity Boys

  • Finished FIRST
  • Jeff Kirwin and Mike Duke won the #2 and #3 races respectively
  • Top 25s (OA) by Jeff Kirwin (6), Mike Duke (11) and Ryan Sanchez (15)


JV Girls

  • Team finished 6th
  • Sasha Weller placed 13th


JV Boys

  • FIRST place team
  • Damon Payne won the race
  • Aaron Reyes (3), Camron Sharp (9), Marcos Perez (12), Eric Netzeband (13) and Michael Castillo (14) score Top 25 finishes

Soph Girls

  • Team placed 7th
  • Lauren Kuehfuss placed 13th


Soph Boys

  • Team placed 9th
  • Parker Seale won the race
  • Top 25 performances by Bradford Kidd (7) and Eric Segura (25)


Frosh Girls

  • Team placed 6th
  • Emily DuPont placed 15th

Frosh Boys

  • Ethan Coates placed 12th


All Time Top Ten

  • Jeff Kirwin (4) is the only change to the ATTT


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Significant time improvements:

Over 1:00 improvement – Gianna Nossa, Maddie Massie, Sam Johnny, Parker Seale, Marcos Perez, Michael Castillo, Mark Kalaiji

Over 2:00 improvement -  Bayli Morrow, Hannah Rabitoy, Aaron Reyes, AdamJohnson, David DeLeon, Matt Sanger

Over 3:00 improvement – Sasha Weller, Jocelyn Hi

Baseline #2 (finally)

The second of two league cluster meets brought improvement from many Tartans.  The Varsity Girls continued their winning ways while the Varsity Boys gave RCHS a scare.


Race Highlights


Varsity Girls

  • Took first place by 19 points over Etiwanda
  • Cori Harral won the race
  • Top Ten finishes by Emily Hoey (4), Taylor Butler (7), Megan Trono (8)


Varsity Boys

  • Took second; edged out 30-31 by Rancho Cucamonga
  • Ryan Sanchez won the race, followed closely by Jeff Kirwin
  • Top Tens by Mike Duke (6) and Sam Johnny (9)

JV Boys

  • Parker Seale won the race
  • Aaron Reyes (3) and Camron Sharp (4) score Top Ten finishes


JV Girls

  • Top Tens from Madison Ko (3), Lauren Kuehfuss (5), Sasha Weller (7) and Emily DuPont (9)


All Time Top Ten

  • Ryan Sanchez (1) and Jeff Kirwin (2) take over the top two spots and are joined by Mike Duke (5), Sam Johnny (6), Daniel Castro (8) and Oliver Kashyap (9)
  • Cori Harrall (2) becomes just the second Glendora girl to break 19 minutes at this course; also in the ATTT are Emily Hoey (3), Taylor Butler (4), Megan Trono (6) and Alyssa Perez (10)


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Significant time improvements:

Over 1:00 improvement – Cori Harral, Emily Hoey, Taylor Butler, Lauren Kuehfuss, Sofi Rodriguez, Brianna Tomlinson, Bayli Morrow, Maddie Massie, Hannah Rabitoy

Over 2:00 improvement – Sam Johnny, Aaron Reyes, Camron Sharp, Michael Castillo, Adam Johnson, Alexander Orozco

Over 3:00 improvement – Katrina Reynolds, David DeLeon

Improvements too large to generalize – Oliver Kashyap (4:11), Madison Ko (4:37), Mark Kalaiji (4:45), Gianna Nossa (5:04), Megan Trono (5:21), Jocelyn Hi (5:51), Sasha Weller (6:39), Fe Parado (8:32)

Saturday: SGV 1on1

As last year’s webmaster puts it:

Cross Country in the CIF Southern Section is about running at Mt. SAC.  The famous 2.93 mile course, run over three big hills, is the XC standard.  We’ll run our league finals here later, and the huge Mt.SAC Invite, but this week most of our team will have it’s first crack at the course at the San Gabriel Valley One on One Challenge.

This meet has a rather unique format, in which each team’s #1 runner races in one race, the #2′s in another, and so on through the top 5. The rest of the team runs in Jr/Sr, Soph and Frosh divisions.  The format makes the schedule pretty complicated, so pay close attention to the Meet Flyer.