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Super XC Classic – The Results

Bonelli Park is a familiar location and a very spectator friendly course.  But it’s slow.  Of course, it’s slow for everyone, so while our times may not be so impressive, our results speak for themselves.

It was a warm day, not as hot as other recent meets, but very warm.  And there were Clovis spots on the line.

The highlights:


Boys Varsity

  • The team placed FIRST with 54 points, beating Walnut (106) and South Hills (111)
  • Top 20 runners included Jeff Kirwin (2nd), Ryan Sanchez (5), Mike Duke (13), Daniel Castro (14) and Parker Seale (20)

Girls Varsity

  • The team edged Colony (59) for FIRST place with 50 points; Claremont (121) took third
  • Top 20s were scored by Micaela Lamb (6), Tori Whitworth (8), Cori Harral (9), Chloe Arriaga (13) and Taylor Butler (14)

Boys JV

  • Team took FIRST with just 24 points, besting Los Altos (40) and Claremont (101)
  • Damon Payne (1) , Camron Sharp (2) and Marcos Perez (3) swept the podium for GHS
  • Michael Castillo (5), Eric Netzeband (13) and Anthony Moreno (20) landed top 20 spots

Girls JV

  • Team (51 pts) took SECOND, narrowly beaten by Claremont (47)
  • Alyssa Perez won the race, followed by Kayla McGarrell (3), Taylor Leech (10) and Sasha Weller (16)

Soph Boys

  • Sam Johnny won the race, Bradford Kidd took 7th

Soph Girls

  • Top 20s from Sofi Rodriguez (9) and Lauren Kuehfuss (12)

Frosh Boys

  • Top 20 included Ethan Coates (4) and Matthew Joy (18)

Frosh Girls

  • Emily DuPont (11) and Natalie Honeywell (16) landed in the Top 20


All Time Top Ten

  • Jeff Kirwin and Ryan Sanchez BOTH beat the previous GHS record
  • All 7 Boys Varsity athletes either entered the Top 10 or improved existing times
  • The top 7 girl finishers either entered the Top 10 or improved existing times


Athletes of the Meet

  • Sam Johnny, winner of the Boys JV race and Parker Seale, who stepped up to the critical fifth spot on the Varsity team
  • Steadily improving Sofi Rodriguez, and always consistent Tori Whitworth, who ran at the front of the Varsity race


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Significant time improvements:

Over 1 minute improvement – Katrina Reynolds, Maddie Massie, Gianna Nossa, Madison Ko, Brianna Tomlinson, Sasha Weller, Sofi Rodriguez, Kayla McGarrell, Adam Johnson, Richard Johnson, Marcos Perez, Sam Johnny, Daniel Castro

Over 2 minute improvement – Aaron Reyes, Oliver Kashyap, Parker Seale

Over 3 minute improvement – Fe Parado, Eli Kouyoumdjian, Mark Kalaiji, David DeLeon

Improvements too large to generalize – Megan Trono (4:01)


Next Up: Super XC Classic

This weekend’s race at Bonelli Park is a GHS favorite.  The viewing opportunities are better than anywhere else we run, it’s close to home, we practice here and our friends at Top Speed Running are sponsors.  Oh, and you can get in a good run around the lake before the meet starts!

Everything you need to know is on the MEET FLYER, including a course map.

See you Saturday.

Sunny Hills Invitational

Southern California was hot this past Wednesday.  And it was hot again on Saturday for the Wayne Walker/Sunny Hills Invitational in Fullerton, where athletes compete by grade level.

Isn’t it fall?

Apparently the calendar does not communicate with the thermometer, so we run XC in the heat of summer.


The highlights:


Senior Boys

  • Team places 3rd
  • Ryan Sanchez sets GHS course record (for the second consecutive year) while placing SECOND overall
  • Aaron Reyes places 17th
  • Camron Sharp finishes 23rd

Junior Girls

  • Team places 6th
  • Cori Harral takes 2nd (and THIRD all-time on this course for GHS)
  • Taylor Butler claims 10th (and EIGHTH all-time on this course for GHS)
  • Alyssa Perez places 14th

Junior Boys

  • Team places 8th
  • Mike Duke takes 2nd

Sophomore Girls

  • Teams takes 3rd
  • Micaela Lamb WINS the race, tying the GHS course record
  • Megan Trono finishes 6th

Sophomore Boys

  • Team puts 5 runners in the top 9 spots to score 25 points and place FIRST, a decisive 60  points ahead of second place; earns a new nickname

  • Jeff Kirwin takes 2nd
  • Daniel Castro places 4th
  • Oliver Kashyap finishes 5th
  • Parker Seale claims 7th
  • Sam Johnny captures 9th

Frosh girls

  • Team places 13th
  • Emily DuPont takes 18th

Frosh Boys

  • Team places 6th
  • Nathan Bowman claims 11th
  • Marcus Perez takes 12th


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And this space’s favorite section, improvement over last year’s time (because we may not have a shot at winning, but we all have the chance to improve):

Over 1 minute improvement – Aaron Reyes, Adam Johnson, David DeLeon, Oliver Kashyap, Parker Seale

Over 2 minute improvement – none

Over 3 minute improvement – Megan Trono

Improvements too large to generalize – none



League Meet 1 – Girls Win, Boys Second

Southern California was hot this past Wednesday.  And when it’s hot in So Cal, it’s REALLY hot in Devore.  Add the emotional toll of the week’s events and our team might have struggled at the first Baseline League Meet at Glen Helen Park.  Except that they didn’t.

As returning league champs, our varsity girls arrived with high expectations.  They delivered a convincing victory with just 24 points, ahead of Etiwanda (56) and Rancho Cucamonga (76).

The boys, facing a Rancho Cucamonga team that won league last year and was ranked in the top 10 last week, delivered a solid second-place performance, just 12 points behind RCHS (26) and well ahead of Etiwanda (92).

The highlights:


  • Varsity takes second place
  • THREE varsity runners place in the top ten
  • All five varsity scorers place in the top 14 (with the sixth runner in 15th)
  • Aaron Reyes WINS the JV race
  • FIVE runners claim a spot on the All Time Top Ten (ATTT) list, including Jeff Kirwin and Ryan Sanchez at 1 and 2 respectively, and Aaron Reyes representing the JV squad.


  • Varsity takes FIRST place
  • Micaela Lamb wins the varsity race
  • All FIVE scorers place in the top 10 (and six in the top 12)
  • Team scores convincing win with 24 points.
  • SIX runners stake an ATTT, including Micaela Lamb in FIRST, Cori Harral in SECOND and Alyssa Perez making the leap from JV.


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And of course, some runners improved over last year’s time (because last year was pretty hot, too)

Over 1 minute improvement – Sofi Rodriguez, Brianna Tomlinson, Marcos Perez, Landon Wong, Alex Orozco, Sam Johnny, Daniel Castro

Over 2 minute improvement – Lauren Kuehfuss, Jocelyn Hii, Aaron Reyes, Adam Johnson, Eli Kouyoumdjian, Jeff Kirwin

Over 3 minute improvement – Madison Ko, Gregor Derstepanian, Oliver Kashyap, Parker Seale

Improvements too large to generalize - David DeLeon (5:24), Sasha Weller (5:45), Megan Trono (6:44)



Chris Vega

Last week, former GHS cross country runner and friend to many of our current athletes, Chris Vega, lost his battle with leukemia.  Chris fought courageously to the very end of his life; his final actions inspiring and uniting many of us in Glendora and, almost certainly, far beyond.  So I wonder: How would our lives and our community look if we chose to be a little more like Chris?  To fight a little more courageously?  To think and speak a little more positively?  To inspire just a little more?

I am proud to be part of a team/booster group that supports its members as you supported Chris and his family.  I am confident that you will continue to keep the Vega family in your thoughts and prayers, and to support them as they recover from this devastating loss.

League Competition Begins

If the thermostat gets turned down, we’ll have two meets this week:

Baseline League Cluster Meet #1 (get all the info HERE)

Wayne Walker/Sunny Hills Invitational (info HERE)

All information provided here is based on last year’s meets.  Any updates will be provided at practice and/or via e-mail from the Booster President.


I’ve heard that there is a temperature and/or heat index threshold that could postpone the League Meet.  This site will not provide updates.


Go Tartans!

A little housekeeping

We’ve got a few miscellaneous items to pass along – nothing new to add to your schedule, so we’ll call it housekeeping…


First, we neglected to properly acknowledge runners who landed on the All Time Top Ten list.  Most specifically, the new #1 on the girls list for the Cal Poly course, Micaela Lamb.  Joining her on the list are Emily Hoey (3), Cori Harral (4), Tori Whitworth (7), Megan Trono (8) and Taylor Butler (9).  And on the boys’ list, Ryan Sanchez (4), Mike Duke (6), Jeff Kirwin (9) and Oliver Kashyap (10).  All times were adjusted from 3 miles to 5000 meters to compare to the course as run in past years.


If we awarded a Booster of the Week award, the Seales would have been run away winners last week.  Please thank them for their creation/donation of the finish line recovery station.  You certainly saw the GLENDORA banner; did you also see the water, ice and cool towels they provided as our athletes finished?  Great idea!  Thank you, Seales.


League Finals, previously scheduled on 10/31 has been moved to 10/30.  Turns out you’ll have to create a better costume than CROSS COUNTRY RUNNER AFTER A RACE.


This week’s CIF Southern Section poll is posted.  See it HERE.

We have new t-shirts.  They look like that over there (except they have collars) and you can purchase them from Mrs Kirwin for $15.


Finally, the Chief Communications Officer will be unable to post updates most of next week.  All available information for next week’s meets will be posted by Tuesday.  No additional info will be posted until after both meets are completed.  Thanks for understanding.

Bronco Invite – The Results


So it turns out the circle on the Cal Poly Pomona logo represents…



Saturday’s races were hot and the course didn’t seem to be as fast as advertised.  Additionally, due to construction on campus, the course was shortened to 3 miles.  But while our times may not have been as low as expected, we performed quite well against our competition.

The highlights:

Boys Varsity

  • Ryan Sanchez won the race; Mike Duke took second.
  • SIX boys placed in the top ten.
  • Started the day off by winning the team competition with just 25 points.

Girls Varsity

  • Micaela Lamb won the race.
  • FIVE girls placed in the top tean.
  • Team scored convincing win with 23 points.

Boys JV

  • Noble Bekele, Camron Sharp and Aaron Reyes finished 1-2-3 to claim the podium for Glendora.
  • SIX boys placed in the top ten.
  • Team won with the best score of the day - a measly 19 points (second place scored 87).

Girls JV

  • FOUR girls placed in the top ten.
  • Team edged Redlands for first, 33 points to 38.

Boys Frosh/Soph

  • ONE boy placed in the top ten.
  • Team finished 4th out of 12 teams.


Athletes of the Meet

  • After running with the team through the two-mile mark, Micaela Lamb separated from the field, handily winning her race.
  • Running in the intense heat of the day’s next-to-last race and leading from wire to wire, Noble Bekele is the coaches’ choice.


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If you look closely at the splits, you’ll notice that it’s likely the ONE MILE MARKER was not placed at the correct location.


Notable Improvements – Six runners bested last week’s time on what was obviously a slower course.

  • Mitchell Vachon – improved by 0:05
  • Alyssa Perez – 0:07
  • Zach Fry – 0:08
  • Michael Hernandez – 0:42
  • Sydney Carlson – 2:16
  • Robert Rodriguez (11) – 4:25



Next Up: Bronco Invitational

We are racing the Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Invitational on Saturday.

The race returns to the flat and fast course on campus after being contested on the slower track at Prado Park for at least the last two editions.

But in order to run you must submit this ACTIVITY RELEASE.  Print it out, complete it and turn it in to Coach Kaitlyn when you arrive at the meet on Saturday.

Everything you (and your parents) need to know can be found in the TEAM FLYER and/or on the COURSE MAP.


And now you know as much as I do.

About the race, that is.


Tartan Top 7 – The Results

The Watch Doesn’t Lie

Saturday’s Tartan Top 7 brought the first opportunity for us to race under “real” conditions.  And the results were pretty darn good.



The highlights:

  •  SIX girls posted times faster than last year’s top girl, while FIVE boys bested last year’s top boy.
  • The top 5 boys finished within 30 seconds of each other, and the top 7 finished within 44 seconds of each other.
  • THREE boys posted times faster than the previous Tartan Top 7 ALL TIME BEST!
  • Megan Trono and Oliver Kashyap were MOST IMPROVED taking a whopping 8:14 and 5:15 (respectively) off their 2011 times.

Click HERE for the girls results and HERE for the boys results.  You’ll need to be patient for the updates to the ALL TIME BEST list - there are several new additions, and a new format to be completed.  They should be posted by tomorrow.


Our varsity teams for next week’s Bronco Invitational are:

Ryan Sanchez (the 2011 Tartan Top 7 winner), Jeff Kirwin, Garrett Hernandez, Mike Duke, Oliver Kashyap, Damon Payne and Daniel Castro.

Emily Hoey (also the 2011 Tartan Top 7 winner), Micaela Lamb, Cori Harrall, Megan Trono, Tori Whitworth, Taylor Butler and Danielle York.


And while not everyone can wear the coveted varsity jersey,  everyone CAN improve.  The following athletes delivered major improvements over last year’s times:

Over 1 minute improvement - Jeff Kirwin, Damon Payne, Marcos Perez, Anthony Moreno, Emily Hoey, Micaela Lamb, Cori Harrall, Sofi Rodriguez, Katrina Reynolds, Hannah Rabitoy

Over 2 minute improvement – Parker Seale, Sam Johnny, Aaron Reyes, Bradford Kidd, Adam Johnson

Over 3 minute improvement – Lauren Kuehfuss

First time finisher - Danielle York


We are sometimes reminded that there are things in life more important than running fast.  Well beyond the times posted on Saturday and reported above, I’m most proud of this team’s ability to, on very short notice, raise over $400 in (mostly) cash and gift cards for XC alum Chris Vega and his family.  The money, gift cards and notes you all wrote, will be delivered to Chris’s aunt tomorrow.  Well done Tartan XC, well done.