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Glendora Cross Country - No Fear  No Pain  No Defeat

Parent Meeting: Tuesday 9/2 6:30pm

The Coaches and XC Boosters will be hosting a Parents Meeting on Tuesday, September 2, at 6:30pm in the GHS Library. The meeting will give you a chance to meet the coaches and will cover team expectations, uniforms, fund raising, travel and any question you may have, so it is important that each athlete have at least one parent attend.

Questions: contact Kim Gillet at 626/852-2835 or

Legg Lake and Bonelli 8/28 & 8/30

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Photos by Steve Brunett

Speed Day 8/26

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Meet Austin and Ross

This is the first of a series of short interviews with team members, and so we thought we’d start out with two of the guys who are just starting out, freshmen Austin Mendoza (left) and Ross Brunett. Here we go

Why did you come out for Cross Country? – Austin: “I wanted to do a sport”. Ross: “I like running and wanted to compete.”

Who is more awesome – Shin or Anthony? – Ross: “Shin”. Austin: “Um, neither, um both!”

What have you liked best about XC? – Austin: “Shin and Anthony”. Ross: “Talking with the guys”.

What’s your favorite movie? – Ross: “Oceans 11″ Austin: “Napoleon Dynamite”

What do you like to do for fun? – Austin: “Sleep, hang out, golf”. Ross: “shoot hoops, swimming”.

Welcome Ross and Austin to the team. Both of these guys have trained all summer, and they both did really well at our training camp in Mammoth. Good luck this year!

Come on Out!

With school beginning tomorrow, it is still not to late to join the Glendora Cross Country team. Our team has runners who will compete for championships and athletes who are still starting out, so there will be a place for you. This week, we’ll be training after school at GHS on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, so just come on out and meet us, or call Asst. Coach Bob Ramsey at 626/823-2377

New Training Schedule

With school beginning on Tuesday, we will be shifting our training times and locations from the schedule we followed over the summer. You can download a printable version of the new schedule here: Training Schedule 1.0

Please note:  the new schedule changes the location for training on Saturday, August 30 from La Verne Trails, as listed below, to Legg Lake.  The start time remains 7:00 am.

Claremont Loop – 8/2

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