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Glendora Cross Country - No Fear  No Pain  No Defeat

Fastback Shootout

LKOn a warm day in September we attacked the venerable Mt SAC cross country course.

Wait!  September?  Isn’t it a little early to be at Mt SAC?  Not if you’re racing the Fastback Shootout’s 1.92 mile course that cuts one Valley Loop and Reservoir Hill from the regular menu.

Grab a drink and get comfortable, there’s lots to report.

First, think about this – when you take ALL the finishers of ALL the schools (including the Division 1 schools) and mash up (technical XC term) their times, Glendora Boys were SECOND behind perennial D1 powerhouse Great Oak and Glendora Girls were THIRD behind Simi Valley (a D2 rival) and Great Oak – both top-notch programs.  In other words, we did GREAT.


The highlights:


Senior Girls

  • Team WON their heat convincingly, scoring just 27 points (second place scored 89) and bringing in all five scorers before any of the eight other teams brought in three
  • Emily Hoey took 3rd, and now resides at SECOND on Glendora’s All Time Top Ten for this course
  • Alyssa Perez grabbed 4th, takes over THIRD on the GHS ATTT
  • Chloe Arriaga placed 5th, slots in at FOURTH on the GHS ATTT
  • Cori Harral finished 8th in the heat, is now FIFTH on the GHS ATTT
  • Taylor Butler finished the scoring in 15th, and is NINTH on the GHS ATTT
  • Tori Whitworth was 16th and wrapped up the changes to the ATTT by grabbing the TENTH spot
  • Madison Ko takes a medal in 35th
  • Sasha Weller finished 36th to grab the last GHS medal in this heat

Senior Boys

  • Team placed second out of eight teams
  • Mike Duke took 10th in the heat; he entered the GHS ATTT in the EIGHTH spot
  • Damon Payne placed 15th
  • Marcos Perez finished 30th
  • Richard Johnson grabbed 33rd, taking the last medal for the senior boys

Junior Girls

  • Team placed 3rd of 8, just 5 points out of second (but only 4 pts ahead of 4th, so…)
  • Megan Trono took 3rd as the fastest Glendora girl on the day, and is now FIRST all-time on this course for GHS
  • Lauren Kuehfuss claimed 14th
  • Sofi Rodriguez placed 30th
  • Kathryn Cisneros grabbed the last GHS medal of the heat in 37th place

Junior Boys

  • Team crushed the competition, scoring 25 points to beat 13 other teams, the closest of which scored 101 points (last year’s nickname of Young Guns no longer applies to these upperclassmen, and no cool image for CAGEY VETERANS could be found, so this space is accepting suggestions)
  • Jeff Kirwin placed 2nd in the heat, bested Thomas Finnigan’s 2007 mark for FIRST on the GHS ATTT, claimed THIRD on the All Time Top Ten Juniors at Fastback Shootout (NOT Glendora, EVERY time ever posted by a Junior on this course) AND, if my calculations are correct, Jeff joins Thomas (who started 8th, but is now 12th) on the All Time Top Twenty Overall at Fastback Shootout in the FIFTH spot (that’s right, 5th fastest time ever posted at the Fastback Shootout)
  • Parker Seale claimed 3rd in the heat, THIRD on the GHS ATTT and joined Jeff on the All Time Top Ten Juniors at Fastback Shootout by taking the NINTH spot (and, just so you know, was 20th on the Overall Top Twenty after his race only to get knocked off that list before the day ended – but hey, he was there longer than you were!)
  • Sam Johnny captured 8th, is now FIFTH on the GHS ATTT
  • Oliver Kashyap finished 11th, shows up at SEVENTH on the GHS ATTT
  • Bradford “Comeback” Kidd takes 17th, rounds out the GHS ATTT at TENTH

Sophomore Girls

  • Team placed 9th of 11 teams
  • Emily Dupont took home a medal for finishing 23rd

Sophomore Boys

  • Team placed 9th of 13 teams
  • Matt Joy placed 27th

Frosh girls

  • Team placed 10th
  • Rebecca Ruiz placed 29th
  • Savanah Yi took 31st

Frosh Boys

  • Team placed 12th


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Getting Better

Because we didn’t race here last year, we can’t congratulate anyone for improving over last year’s time.  However, I can tell you this, EVERYBODY that ran Legg Lake on 8/31 posted a better time at Fastback.  True story.


Athletes of the Meet

Good week to have a “K” name…  Congratulations to:

  • Bradford Kidd who ran the SIXTH fastest time for the boys and earns a Varsity singlet for Woodbridge, and
  • Lauren Kuehfuss who looks so tough fighting for a varsity spot that prepcaltrack posted her photo (which we borrowed for this entry)



Baseline League Finals – The Results

With both team and individual league titles on the line, the Tartans returned to Mt SAC for the third time this year.  Top three varsity teams advance to CIF-SS Prelims on November 10 (at Mt SAC… again) and Top Ten individuals are awarded all-league honors.  By the way, we compete in a strong league, against all Division 1 schools.  You’ll never hear the coaches or athletes use that as an excuse, and they shouldn’t.  And while I suspect it actually brings out the best in our athletes, let’s take just a moment to acknowledge that it’s kind of a big deal.





Now let’s get on with our regularly scheduled programming:

Meet Highlights


Varsity Girls

  • Back-to-Back League Champs
  • Micaela Lamb (2), Emily Hoey (3) and Tori Whitworth (5) attained All-League status.

Varsity Boys

  • Finished second to a VERY strong Rancho Cucamonga team
  • All-League designations for Jeff Kirwin (4), Ryan Sanchez (5), Mike Duke (9) and the comeback kid Garrett Hernandez (10).

JV Girls

  • Team finished 2nd
  • All-League honors to Kayle McGarrell (3), Lauren Kuehfuss (4), Sofi Rodriguez (9) and Madison Ko (10)

JV Boys

  • Team took second
  • Camron Sharp (3), Michael Castillo (6) and Marcos Perez (9) are All-League.

 Frosh/Soph Boys

  • Second place team
  • As the winner of the race Parker Seale  is JV League Champ
  • Daniel Castro (2) joins Parker on the All-League team


All Time Top Ten

  • No changes


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Mt SAC Invite – The Results

On a nearly perfect day for racing, the biggest news was the girls’ course record getting smashed.  However, we had a few things to cheer about as well:


The highlights:


  • Three varsity girls (Micaela Lamb, Emily Hoey and Cori Harral) under 19:00 DOUBLED the number of sub-19-minute times on the Girls’ ATTT.
  • Aaron Reyes ran a very solid 16:34, which is only 2:03 better than his time at this met last year.
  • Jeff Kirwin dropped 1:32 from last year’s time to claim 3rd on the boys’ ATTT.


All Time Top Ten

  • Jeff Kirwin to third
  • Micaela Lamb, Emily Hoey and Cori Harral to 4th, 5th and 6th respectively
  • Megan Trono and Chloe Arriaga debut at 13 and 15 respectively


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Significant time improvements over last year’s time at this meet:

Over 30 second improvement – Micaela Lamb, Emily Hoey, Taylor Butler, Mike Duke, Camron Sharp

Over 1 minute improvement – Jeff Kirwin, Anthony Moreno, Adam Johnson, Alexander Orozco

Over 2 minute improvement – Jocelyn Hii (2:51), Aaron Reyes (2:03), David DeLeon (2:41)

Clovis Invitational – The Results

You’ve heard before that early success is nice, but what matters most is how you perform at the end (the VERY end) of the season.  Well, the Clovis Invitational is the beginning of the end.  It serves as a preview to the State Championships and opens the gates to Mt SAC.  If you don’t yet know what that means, check back frequently; you’re in for a treat.   But back to Clovis, this is our first, and sometimes only, chance to run with/against the best teams in the state.


Race Highlights


Boys Varsity (runners 8-14)

  • Placed 19th of 28 teams

Girls Varsity (runners 8-14)

  • Placed 15th of 28 teams
  • Top 50s by Megan Trono (24) and Kayla McGarrell (42)

Boys Champs (Top 7)

  • Placed 6th of 21 teams
  • Jeff Kirwin (8), Ryan Sanchez (14), Mike Duke (25) and Oliver Kashyap (46) landed top 50 spots

Girls Champs (Top 7)

  • Placed 10th of 24 teams
  • Micaela Lamb (22) scored a top 50

Frosh/Soph Boys

  • Ethan Coates attended as an alternate and was able to find his way into the Boys Frosh/Soph race
  • Ethan placed 62nd in the largest field any Tartan runner faced - 234 runners - running without a team.

All Time Top Ten

  • Jeff Kirwin (2) and Oliver Kashyap (9) both entered the ATTT
  • Ryan Sanchez (4) and Mike Duke (6) both improved previous ATTT times
  • Megan Trono (4) and Cori Harrall (5) both entered the ATTT
  • Micaela Lamb (3) and Kayla McGarrell (8) both improved previous ATTT times


Athletes of the Meet

  • Battling back after injury, Damon Payne grabs the always-important 5th position
  • Kayla McGarrell continues to improve, also finishing at #5 over all
  • Honorable Mention goes to the year’s most improved (so far) runner, Megan Trono, who battles back onto the Varsity squad after struggling last week


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Significant time improvements:

Over 20 second improvementRyan Sanchez

Over 40 second improvementKayla McGarrell, Damon Payne, Mike Duke

Over 50 second improvement -Micaela Lamb

Super XC Classic – The Results

Bonelli Park is a familiar location and a very spectator friendly course.  But it’s slow.  Of course, it’s slow for everyone, so while our times may not be so impressive, our results speak for themselves.

It was a warm day, not as hot as other recent meets, but very warm.  And there were Clovis spots on the line.

The highlights:


Boys Varsity

  • The team placed FIRST with 54 points, beating Walnut (106) and South Hills (111)
  • Top 20 runners included Jeff Kirwin (2nd), Ryan Sanchez (5), Mike Duke (13), Daniel Castro (14) and Parker Seale (20)

Girls Varsity

  • The team edged Colony (59) for FIRST place with 50 points; Claremont (121) took third
  • Top 20s were scored by Micaela Lamb (6), Tori Whitworth (8), Cori Harral (9), Chloe Arriaga (13) and Taylor Butler (14)

Boys JV

  • Team took FIRST with just 24 points, besting Los Altos (40) and Claremont (101)
  • Damon Payne (1) , Camron Sharp (2) and Marcos Perez (3) swept the podium for GHS
  • Michael Castillo (5), Eric Netzeband (13) and Anthony Moreno (20) landed top 20 spots

Girls JV

  • Team (51 pts) took SECOND, narrowly beaten by Claremont (47)
  • Alyssa Perez won the race, followed by Kayla McGarrell (3), Taylor Leech (10) and Sasha Weller (16)

Soph Boys

  • Sam Johnny won the race, Bradford Kidd took 7th

Soph Girls

  • Top 20s from Sofi Rodriguez (9) and Lauren Kuehfuss (12)

Frosh Boys

  • Top 20 included Ethan Coates (4) and Matthew Joy (18)

Frosh Girls

  • Emily DuPont (11) and Natalie Honeywell (16) landed in the Top 20


All Time Top Ten

  • Jeff Kirwin and Ryan Sanchez BOTH beat the previous GHS record
  • All 7 Boys Varsity athletes either entered the Top 10 or improved existing times
  • The top 7 girl finishers either entered the Top 10 or improved existing times


Athletes of the Meet

  • Sam Johnny, winner of the Boys JV race and Parker Seale, who stepped up to the critical fifth spot on the Varsity team
  • Steadily improving Sofi Rodriguez, and always consistent Tori Whitworth, who ran at the front of the Varsity race


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Significant time improvements:

Over 1 minute improvement – Katrina Reynolds, Maddie Massie, Gianna Nossa, Madison Ko, Brianna Tomlinson, Sasha Weller, Sofi Rodriguez, Kayla McGarrell, Adam Johnson, Richard Johnson, Marcos Perez, Sam Johnny, Daniel Castro

Over 2 minute improvement – Aaron Reyes, Oliver Kashyap, Parker Seale

Over 3 minute improvement – Fe Parado, Eli Kouyoumdjian, Mark Kalaiji, David DeLeon

Improvements too large to generalize – Megan Trono (4:01)


League Meet 1 – Girls Win, Boys Second

Southern California was hot this past Wednesday.  And when it’s hot in So Cal, it’s REALLY hot in Devore.  Add the emotional toll of the week’s events and our team might have struggled at the first Baseline League Meet at Glen Helen Park.  Except that they didn’t.

As returning league champs, our varsity girls arrived with high expectations.  They delivered a convincing victory with just 24 points, ahead of Etiwanda (56) and Rancho Cucamonga (76).

The boys, facing a Rancho Cucamonga team that won league last year and was ranked in the top 10 last week, delivered a solid second-place performance, just 12 points behind RCHS (26) and well ahead of Etiwanda (92).

The highlights:


  • Varsity takes second place
  • THREE varsity runners place in the top ten
  • All five varsity scorers place in the top 14 (with the sixth runner in 15th)
  • Aaron Reyes WINS the JV race
  • FIVE runners claim a spot on the All Time Top Ten (ATTT) list, including Jeff Kirwin and Ryan Sanchez at 1 and 2 respectively, and Aaron Reyes representing the JV squad.


  • Varsity takes FIRST place
  • Micaela Lamb wins the varsity race
  • All FIVE scorers place in the top 10 (and six in the top 12)
  • Team scores convincing win with 24 points.
  • SIX runners stake an ATTT, including Micaela Lamb in FIRST, Cori Harral in SECOND and Alyssa Perez making the leap from JV.


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And of course, some runners improved over last year’s time (because last year was pretty hot, too)

Over 1 minute improvement – Sofi Rodriguez, Brianna Tomlinson, Marcos Perez, Landon Wong, Alex Orozco, Sam Johnny, Daniel Castro

Over 2 minute improvement – Lauren Kuehfuss, Jocelyn Hii, Aaron Reyes, Adam Johnson, Eli Kouyoumdjian, Jeff Kirwin

Over 3 minute improvement – Madison Ko, Gregor Derstepanian, Oliver Kashyap, Parker Seale

Improvements too large to generalize - David DeLeon (5:24), Sasha Weller (5:45), Megan Trono (6:44)



CIF Prelims: Guys & Lauren Advance, Girls Just Miss

The CIF Southern Section is big, so the Divisional Prelims are the equivalent of most state’s State meet.  The Tartans shined on this big stage, with the guys finishing second in their heat to advance, while the girls were a non-qualifying fifth, but had the very thin consolation of knowing that we had the fastest time among the non-qualifiers.

Individually, senior Anthony Castro won our heat with a GHS Mt.SAC record 15:13, while Lauren Justus was 6th in 18:39, good enough to return to Finals as an individual for the second straight year.

Last year, this was the meet where the boys broke through, winning their heat on the way to our first finals, and first championship!  This year, hurt by injuries and uneven performances, the boys came into the race unranked, but put together what was easily their best performance of the year.  In addition to Anthony’s CR, frosh Mike Duke (16:01), senior Jon Carlo Nunez (16:17) and junior Aaron Forburger (16:29) all PR’d.  J.C. and Aaron improved 1:53 & 2:43, respectively, from 2009, and Mike was likely the second best frosh in all divisions on the day, and is now =12th on the GHS All-Time Performers List.

The girls had not advanced as a team since 2006, and came in with hopes of advancing for the second time in school history.  Running later in the morning as it began to get warm, the only PR came from senior Allison Mayo first sub 20 – her 19:52 ranks her 14th AT GHS.  As a group the girls performed well and we were unlucky to be in a loaded heat – we’d have qualified in the other heats.  This is the third time in the past four years the Tartans have had the fastest non-qualifying team team, with the boys having this ignominious honor in ’07 and ’08.

So the guys move on to the steep challenge of defending their title next Saturday at 9:45 at Mt.SAC, while Lauren will race at 10:45.

Split Sheet for both teams is here: CIF Prelims 10

Complete results are here.

Woodbridge: Lauren was Awesome!

Senior Lauren Justus had her best performance yet to lead the Tartans in the huge Woodbridge Invitational, finishing 5th in the prestigious Sweepstakes race.  Showing what sustained and hard training can do, Lauren surpassed her track PR’s for the 1600 and 3200 en route to a 17:04 mark for three miles.

Our Varsity girls, running without Lauren, finished sixth in their race – we’d have been second or third with her.  Senior Allison Mayo raced particularly well, and frosh Tori Whitworth had a big 19:21 breakthrough (maybe it was the shoes!).

The Varsity guys had a bit of a rough night in the Sweeps race, missing David and Shin and having Austin fall and DNF.  We still managed a 12th place finish in the race, and our top three athletes, seniors Anthony Castro (17th/14:52) and Kelly Hernandez (47th/15:17) and junior Ross Brunett (58th/15:23) all finished in the Top 100 overall.

In the grade division races, the junior boys were second, with Cameron Bullock (15th/16:21) as our front runner, while the frosh guys were fourth led by Mike Duke’s excellent 16:12 second place effort.  We should note, too, that frosh Bryce Kasamoto finished as the fourth man on our varsity team, and his 16:08 made hi the second fastest freshman on the day, while Mike was sixth fastest.  These were great achievements in this big, big meet.

Complete results are here (pdf’s for each race – we’re in the Blue division)  Glendora results are here.

Take a look at our season stats – a red number indicates a PR for that distance – which shows that 35 of the 39 boys who competed last night, and all 17 girls, set new PR’s for a flat 3-mile course.

Split sheets are here:  Woodbridge Inv 9.18.10 Girls and Woodbridge Inv 9.18.10.boys Athletes, look carefully at your splits – the best boys ran their last two miles within 10 seconds of even, and the first mile about 30 seconds faster than the second.  The best girls were with 15 seconds on the second and third mile, and the first mile was about 40 seconds faster.  If your splits don’t follow this pattern, figure out how you can improve it.

Still more to come…

Bronco: Everything but a Pony

Great start for the Tartans!  The Bronco Invite is a low key meet on a somewhat slow 5000 meter course, so it’s a good way to get going, and it’s hard to imagine it going any better.

The girls and boys teams won, seniors Lauren Justus and Anthony Castro won and set course records while running alone at the front for most of the race, and frosh Mike Duke can say something even Lauren and Anthony can’t – he’s never lost a high school race (after his win in the F/S division).

The boys team were expected to win, but we were pushed by a strong Brea Olinda team.  Each of our scorers raced particularly well in the final 800m, with senior Kelly Hernandez running away from a pack of 5 to finish 2nd.  Juniors Austin Mendoza (8th) and Ross Brunett (10th) raced well to hold their spots in the final part of the race while David Reber made a strong move to the line to earn the final scoring spot in 12th.

Our girls team has not had a lot of recent success, but after their strong summer of training, Saturday’s win came as no surprise to the coaches.  Along with Lauren up front, fellow senior Allison Mayo ran a very strong race, leading frosh Emily Hoey and Chloe Arriaga across the line in a 9-10-11 finish.  Our other two scorers were frosh Taylor Butler and Tori Whitworth who did a great job in their first race despite not running with teammates almost the whole way. Continue reading

Post-Season XC Action!

While the official XC season ended for most of our athletes ended with November 3rd’s Sierra League Finals, several of our athletes competed in open XC meets.

On Sunday, November 15, soph Ross Brunett and and juniors Jon Carlo Nunez and Christian Arranaga took another shot at the 2.91 mile Mt.Sac course in the Southern California Association – USATF Championship meet.  Ross was 15th (18:04 PR) and Christian was 21st (18:57) in the Intermediate Boys  (born 1993-94) Division, and Jon Carlo ran a 17:59 PR to finish 10th in the Young Mens (born 1991-92) Division.  Full results are here.

The following Sunday, all three traveled to Escondido to compete in the USATF Region 15 XC Championships, along with athletes from all of Southern California as well as Arizona and Southern Nevada.  Ross was 30th, Christian 44th and Jon Carlo 26th in their divisional races.  Full results here.

The final XC competition was at today’s Footlocker West meet at Mt.Sac.  This is a qualifier for the Footlocker National meet but also has races for all levels of athletes.  In previous years, many of our athletes ran this meet, but since this year’s season extended all the way to the State meet, only three Tartan’s lined up.  Sophs Ross Brunett (19:29) and Chris Vega (20:41) took on the longer 5000 meter course – they’re times convert to 18:18 and 19:25 on the traditional 2.91 mile course.  Race Results are here.

Coach Ben Mejia also ran in the Footlocker Open race. Unable to find the form the led to his win in the open race at the Brea Invite, Ben finished 18th in 17:29 (16:24 converted).  Race Results are here, and complete meet results are here.

And with that, we’re done.  With XC.  Now it’s time for track season!